Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SQL Server 2008 - Policy Based Management

After lots of confusion between DMF (Dynamic Management Functions) and DMF (Declarative Management Framework), a new name is given to be clear – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Policy Based Management.

Policy Based Management allows to define and enforce the polices for configuring and managing SQL Servers across the enterprise. Here is just a brief description of the terminology.

Target – Object to be managed

Facet – Property of the object(target)

Condition – list of criteria for target’s facets

Policy - Set of conditions on the facets of a target

Evaluation Modes

On Demand – policy is evaluated only when manually run by admin

On change: Prevent – DDL triggers prevent policy violations

On Change: log only – Event notifications are used to check the policy when changes are made

On Schedule – SQL Agent job checks the policies for periodical violations

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